Sunday, March 10, 2013

What I'm going to do to improve by Armond Watkins

    I told Mr. Jackson I'm going to start doing better in my classes so I can get better grades and graduate school. Mr. Jackson gave us alot of statistics on people who drop out, go to jail, and are unemployed and I don't want to become one of them. I want to be able to graduate and get a job to provide for myself and for my family when I get older. I also don't want to go to jail and not be there for my family.
  I think the song started from the bottom by drake is about how he started from the bottom also meaning he was poor or didn't have that much. Then he says now his whole team is there which means that him and his friends achieved there dreams and goals in life that they wanted for a time. He had to work hard for what he got in life and he wants the credit for it and he rewards himself at times.

What I learn today by Joshua Ancion

Something new I learned from this program was that to don't let fear control your life. Always be positive avoid negative. I would get better grades in every class. Work hard to go to college and respect my family and other people. Some black people are poor living in the hood and some drop out of high school and go to jail. But, they can change their future by going to school and then go to college. Don't give up on your dream keep trying because when you set your mind on a goal you could achieve your goal. Need education to get you though life.   

My thoughts by Tymyr Wilson

what i learned and will always remember is education,motivation and activation and always be prepared. preparation  meets opportunity don't think negative always be positive and i also made  the choice to let go of my anger and forgive other people and listening to drakes song started from the bottom it was meaning they never really never had enough to make it in life but now he is big and got money and keep your real friend that was there when you did not have anything not the ones that there because of your money the ones that been there thru thick and thin and the quote from malcolm x means with out education the world is pointless because most likely you will be dead are in prison

Motivation By Koran Baker

What i am going to do is get my mind straight and get my education. i intend to why because i want to have a wonderful life. I don,t want to grow up  disrespectful and no manners. If i don,t want to end up on the corner with the wrong crowd.I got to worry about me not about others. I am a young black independent man and i am going to show the world who and what i am. Their are about 68 percent of black males in prison why because they had no education and made bad decisions. But we can make a change in that just keep education basketball, football wont help you without that education. Boys tell stories about the man. We started from the bottom now were here and we are not going back to the bottom with the hood rats and drug dealers. So do what you do because if you don,t you could end up in prison . Like robert Jackson said NFL means '' not for long ''. Make that choice to get an education or prison you chose.

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Understanding by Adrian Louis

Adrain Louis- Mr.Jackson's program, helped me understand that success is achieved through education motivation and activation. And to stay focused and away from the wrong crowd.

What I learned today by Anssoumane Kande

What I learned today in the Male Mentoring Program is to be yourself and to always have faith in yourself. Another thing I learned in the program is Education motivation and activation. Mr. Robert Jackson Came in and spoke to us and he really spoke out and showed what it's like to live with nothing as a boy with no father and was raised by a single mother. I'm glad i have a father in my life and I'm also lucky.

What I'll Be working on by James Frimpong

What I'll be working on is becoming more respectful to woman such as not calling them names, not attempting to lay your hands on a woman. You shouldn't not lay your hands any woman Mom, sister, cousin any one. What the song ''Started from the Bottom'' means That Drake and his friends where at the bottom and now there famous and now every body tiring their friend.  

Started From The Bottom the meaning by Tyler Gardner

              Started From The Bottom

  When Drake Says 'he started from the bottom and now were here' he is saying he
was at the bottom making $25 a weak or something now he is making
1 million on 1 show. He is also saying he was collecting change around his house try to buy stuff from the store and he was seeming poor. No money at all, he had something to fall back on so he started making money and trying to make it in the world. Which i guess he finally made it in the world but it seems that's the last thing he has to fallback on if some of his songs don't make it.  

Male Mentoring Program by Asante Ward

           From what I've experienced from this program, I've learned that a true man is not who we are "taught" to be in our community. We were taught as toddlers that loving other boys and men was the wrong way to go. We were taught that being respectful to one another by complementing each other is a "gay" thing to do. But it it really? The great motivational speakers that have came to us has made us realize that a true man isn't that. A true man doesn't disrespect or hit a women, he respects another man's difference, he is a man of his word.
         The meaning of the song "Started from the Bottom" by hip hop star Drake is that people started from the lowest of the lowest. It means that they had to work to get to where they are and now they are on top. They are "here", represents that they are now something as oppose to nothing.

Started from the bottom..the meaning by Taj Hunter..

Started from the bottom now we here. work hard .Fake friends? Where your real friends at?Working every night had traffic on my way home.Story stayed the same never changed.

I said I was gonna my behavior in class and learn discipline and treat people with respect but if I don't like I'm not gonna respect you because I don't like you and you don't like me.

Started from the bottom the song means to me we were low class people we were treated wrong from others and now we making our way to the top.

Started from the bottom

I can apply this to the male mentoring program because just like drake in this song we a re all young men who are at the bottom and someday we will rise to the occasion and rise to the top.


Today i learned a lot from Mr.Jackson. I learned about Motivation,Activation,and Education.I told Mr.Jackson that I am going to work on being respectful to my elders and to focus more in school.I will forever work on this until I have fully perfected the way I act towards my elders.I will always remember the words that Mr.Jackson spoke for the last two days.
what i said was that i am gonna build my self confidence and stand up for what i believe in.If my ancestors fought and died for me,Why cant I use it wisely.We need to realize that our education is not going to be free forever.So everyone should use it wisely and have fun in life.That's why i'm going to build up my confidence.

Started from the bottom now we here means that we were giving up but now we started to wake up

Taj Hunter

I told Mr. Jackson that I would...Work on respecting women other than my mom.That means no hitting women even such as my sister.Also not to even call a women who disrespects me first a name.And I am set on fulfilling my goal.

Choices by Ryan Clark

Ok, so since I have to write a paragraph i will say  it again. What i plan on doing from now on is making the good choice. I usually make the wrong choice. Not on purpose but its messing my life up. So thats why i want to make this what i want to do.......... Talking about this song by drake.  I think it's saying that we were failing (start from the bottom) and now we getting these A's ( now we here ).

My Promise

What I Said I Was Going To Be Doing Is Improving My Reading So I Can Read Above A College Level.

What this song mean is that he started from a failure with friends that has been there with him since then and now he is rich and the same people that has been there with him since they were at the "Bottom"  and he's saying forget the people who tried to chill with him just because he just got rich "The Fake Friends".

what im gonna do

What ima do is strive to make better choices for myself.

CTS Male Mentoring Network

                                     Male mentoring
                                                        with Robert Jackson

          The program is awesome and it's just very helpful to young men like me and you.  This helps people to recognize how to be responsible as a man, respectful, and to be a helping hand at all times.  Leaders in this program Robert Jackson, Mr. Deveau, Mr.O, and other teachers and administrators at CTS are trying to reach their goal by mentoring all kids in the program. So far at 10 years old I'm learning a lot about being my own gentlemen.  I learned from discipline to respect to self confidence and I'm just blown away by the effects the CTS mentoring program has effected on me.

         " Discipline, respect, education, motivation, activation, this what makes the marking of a true man."

                                                                                                                   - Robert Jackson


what i am going to improve on by matthew garnett

As a student at CTS I represent them every where I go. An every one can improve anyway or another so i can improve by being just the way I am. In school people try to be some one there not and that happens to be  me sometimes or some people even try to act some one there not behind a computer or when there on a page and they have an high status. I am not best so there still room for more improvement.
This program is great. I love it its the best fun i ever had. I can really talk about my feelings and get along with people and my friends. This program has all the things i want to talk about, and i enjoy talking to my friends and peopl

Work On

I will work on how to treat woman the way they should instead of calling them names or hitting them. I will also work on how to treat people equally. Whether you went to college or not, be rich or poor, a famous or unknown person, you can still determine attitude towards treatment of people, fairness and unfairness, and degree of good and evil. Treatment comes from attitude, not from differences in personal make up.

I will also work on my grades and bring them up.  I need help with social studies. I will start doing my homework. I lastly need to work on to stop talking back.