Saturday, May 11, 2013

"42" Film Trip

To All the Young Men of Cicely Tyson....the trip to see the Legendary "Jackie Robinson" movie was excellent. Everyone should try and see this film

....Thanks to Mr. Deveaux and Staff for inviting me.

.....All that he endured could not be done by Many...if ....Any...!

Saturday, May 4, 2013

the events

                  Today's event was crazy good. I think we all had fun because what was going. It was fun and crazy the things that they told us was the best thing. But when we went to Barclays it was the best day. we saw a lot of people like Drake Jordan and others it was to crazy. 

Importance of the Cicely L. Tyson mentoring program

From my prospective being Shemar Hines, I believe my report card may have been slightly acceptable. Though I have a feeling I could done better, I feel I've tried hard but I could have tried harder. I say this because my mother,brother,uncle,and aunties have taught me to push and challenge myself so i could have opportunity to make it life just ones who have one. So honestly i think my report card will be OK.

 Today May 4, 2013 at Cicely L. Tyson school a Tae Quan Doe teacher named Dr.Kwak visited our school to show us unique and rarely seen fighting skill. I arrived at the school so i didn't really see much of what he showed the rest of boys in the program but I know it was definitely interesting.

Now referring to a hockey game the boys mentoring program went to it was exciting because we were on television watch professional hockey players go at it. But what this program showed me is that simply being apart of school activity can friends and as we say "Homies" who make you feel comfortable 



We Learned How To Use Nun Chucks. I Never Did That Before At First I Kept Hitting My Self.Now I Know How To Hold It  And Use It Properly.Dr.Kwak Broke 3 Boards At The Same Time.He Did Like 150 Pushups Fast It Was Crazy.


                                  The Hockey Game

  It Was The First Time I Went To A Hockey Game. I Dont Really Watch Hockey But I Went To The Game To View How It Is.It Was Fun And A Great Experience For Me.I Want To Really Go On A Basketball Trip To A Knicks Game. I Still Appreciate What Mr.DeVeaux Is Trying To Take Us Places.

samuel myrtil

today with the karate was and with Mr.carter telling us how to get money

I learn to fight form my science teacher. He is a professional kung fu fighter so he teached us how to use weapons and punch throw bricks it was awesome.At this program i also learn to save my money for the future so i can have more for the future and more to give away, SIKE.AT the male mentoring program I also learn how to blog for the first time. which would explain how I'm blogging to everyone one right now. DX

The Program Today was Fun

The program today was fun we did a lot of cool things. I learned a lot about saving up my money and how to become a wealthy man in the future. Also i learned how to do Ty Quan Do and perform different types of kicks and punches and learn how to use my energy in order to put more power into my kicks and punches. I also learned how to use Nunchucks even though i kept hurting myself with them in the process of trying to use them.

For my third marking period report card i did pretty good i just had to do a bit better in math in order to get the grades i will be satisfied with. I just have to work a little harder and a little longer in order to get where i want to be, because if i want to be a pro baseball player i will need to have the good grades.

       Thanks for reading my Blog for today 

Mentoring Program 4/4/13

When i went to  the hockey game i had a great time.Also i had fun because when my school had boys mentoring last year we did not go to any trips all we just did was talk from 3:00 to 8:00.Also when we were at the hockey game i learned that everything is not about fighting.Also i learned if you playing hockey your mind is not on scoring it is about teamwork and particpation and it doesent matter if your favorite team is the devils you should support the other team to.
   Also abut Mr.Kwach he tought me alot about tae kwon do.

male mentoring program

                        Today with Mr.Carter and Dr.Kwak
Well, while I am in the male mentoring program I went to a hockey game and it was a very great experience for me.But, today I learned that you should finance your money. Also , I learned a little bit of Tea kwon do it was really cool, we got to use nunchuks. We also learned how to punch and break boards.
                                         Report Card
For my third cycle report card it wasn't very good it could've been a lot better than it was but, I will make sure that it improves this cycle because in my family they don't accept anything under a C. So, I have to bring my grade up or I wont be able to do anything for the summer.

Best day

  When I went to the hockey it was really fun because it was my first time see a hockey game. I saw the New Jersey Devils face another team. Also, I feel that I did better on my report card than last cycle. Today, I learn to save more money for the future when I grow up. Plus, I learn how to use a break an board with one of the  high school teacher.  


Today i learned that saving money was better then spending it for various reasons.For example Allen Ivirson was once the star player for the 76ers earning about 100 million dollars a year after spending money recklessly and buying an house for 6.3 million dollars he was left bankrupt and he eventually had to find a job after retiring from the national basketball association.I learned that saving half and spending half isn't such a bad decision.Today i also learned the fundamentals of tyekwando and had a great time at the hockey game 2 weeks ago


'Today was a fun day . We learned how to make money and keep it . We also learned karate.

May 3rd

Today I learned how to use and save money wisely. I also learned how to break a board and use nunchuka's .


I think the mentoring program was good ! :)
The program today was fun. We learn some karate thing from Mr.quake.Also what to do with your money. And we we had fun doing it.


Today I learned that you have to save your money.Not just to save.But to almost set your goal of success.And then by making more money from money you then can no longer work for someone else.But you can create your own investment.

I think that this was fun.The Hockey game was great.Also I learned that nun chucks hurts.....And GO DEVILS!!!!!!!!