Thursday, December 18, 2014

Field trip to a college

Lets go we going to the field trip. We get on the bus everybody says omg we going to some boring college. When we arive at the school we see a presentation and listen to a man who got shot in his leg six times. His speech was about that time when he got shot and how he got to forgive the people, he also told a story of a relative that died the day after thanksgiving for a diamond chain. His speech inspired me to forgive anybody and to listen to God. Then we went to a workshop were we had to find the correct people than can help us out with our case. I got many things from there like papers from dyfys and many different things. That field trip had many different things that inspired me. I will never forget that field trip.

Monday, December 8, 2014

1st marking period

In my first marking period i did not do that good.I had 4 a's and 2b's and 2c's and 1 d. I had that d in social studies.In this marking period i want to at least get honor role so i can make my family proud and get some new sneakers .

First Marking Period

My first marking period was decent. I got a C in social studies and the rest was A's And B's . For my second marking period I want to bring That C in social Studies  up to An A and continue to do good in all my classes and keep up the good work. My Name is Kiar Barnes