Thursday, June 6, 2013

Male Mentoring Assemble

It was a great time at the male mentoring assemble. We was talking about ways to be a better man, what is right and what is and what isn't important to life. After the assemble, we had a real good meal. At the assemble, we was talking to Dr. Davis and his 17-year old son, Askia.

Askia Davis was talking about his entire life of how he was. He talked about what he thinks about basketball. He also talked about the way he act before and what he was listening to. Also Dr. Davis talked about his new book about Askia's life.

Coming of Age in Hip Hop Generation

On Tuesday June 4,2013 Two inspiring people help me get on the right path of life these two inspiring people were Askia Akhenaton Suleiman Ail Davis & Askia Davis these two people taught that education can be the most valuable thing in life for me I'm an athletic guy so any chance i get to go outside and play sports preferably basketball i would take that chance buy but Dr.Davis son Askia Davis explained that basketball get boring when u get older & he used himself as an example that he was a star basketball player & didn't get good grades & only finished high school

Askia Davis And His Father

On Tuesday 4th 2013 The Male Mentoring Program Had An Assembly To Meet The Author Of The Book Growing Up In The Hip Hop Generation.I Had A Great Time.Askia And His Father Told A Good Story Of His Life.Askia Played B-Ball In High School And Was A Good Player. His Life Story Was Really Interesting I Enjoyed The Program


This was a very good learning experience i believe that people would learn from this in a different way from his pass, i think that i learned a lot because he helped me learn that school is really important. The reason i say this is because school can take you very far, you can do many things if you finish school go all around the world & do more things that can benefit you in your life I'm glade that he visited owed school to talk to us.
James Frimpong

On Tuesday when we had to go to the assembly with Mr. Davis Sr, Mr. Davis Jr. We had dicussed about his booked. When he talked about some of his stories from his book. His father actually hilarious and at the end we went to eat.

Coming of Age In the Hip Hop Generation

          This Tuesday two amazing people came to talk about their book Coming of the age in the hip hop generation. The book is from a 17 year olds point of view. So we are able to relate. They're names were Askia Akhenaton Suleiman Ali Davis and Askia Davis, Sr.,  They came, to explain to us that we don 't want to end up on the streets. They explain that we are young and have alot of oppurtunities ahead us.  Also how Mr. Askia was able to transform his son and have a good education and later in life have a better life.

           This book provides insight on the lives of an teenager. I enjoyed the presentation it taught me to take life more seriously.

Tuesday's assembly was really fun and cool, we learned a lot from Dr. Davis and Askia Davis. They were both really funny and entertaining and inspiring. I learned that even though some people may look or act different they can be very very smart and athletic. I learned that you should never treat anyone differently because they are not like you. Also you should never out anything in front of your education because education is number 1 in life and you can't go anywhere without your education. 

You should always learn from any mistake that you make in life and that's how you will succeed later on in life. Askia is very successful because he put basketball second and his academics first. Now he is still playing basketball but he is also writing books and making money.

Askia Davis and His Father

I had a good time at the assembly on Tuesday, I was giving a book about the life of Askia and hid father.  When he was actually speaking to us about life I actually listened, I was engaged and engaged of reading that book. This book might the first i actually enjoy and reads all the way. I found the father to be cool and hilarious. I found the son to be cool as well. He was a freshmen in college who was good at basketball and liked all different types of music.
I started reading the book and its type funny i read so far as 12 pages. I found that his father take yoga and practice for 90mins in a some type of heating room.
 I had a great time at the assembly on Tuesday. The father and his son showed great respect and they showed us a great time. The things they talked about I learned from it. Such as finding the right woman, learning in school, and setting other things aside. I can learn about these things.
 The father said that you should find the right women and like her for her. You shouldn't care what your friends say. The son said  pay attention in school and don't get mixed up with the wrong people.
The son also said set other things aside and worry about your main priorities. The assembly was educational, entertaining, and inspiring
Honestly I liked the basketball part of Askia Davis Jr. program. It made a good talk worth listening  His fathers funny stories taught a lot of life stories . He taught a lot of things like to do your work. Also to not give up at what you want.

He aslo gave inspiration to us. He taught us education is needed before sports. We also need to graduate from high school to be some one in life These to men gave hope to those who want to  make it some where.

On Tuesday, June 4th, 2013, Dr. Askia Davis Sr. And His Son,  Askia Akhenaton Suleiman Ali Davis Came To Our School And Spoke To Us About The Hip Hop Generation And Their Book. Not Only They Talked About That, They Both Talked About How It Was growing Up, Akhenaton Spoke About His Life While Growing Up Like What He Listened to, What his Parents Taught Him, When He Got Into Trouble, He Talked About Whole Lot Of Issues. It Was A Great Experiance.

Tuesday's Meeting With Dr.Davis And Askia Davis

Tuesday's meeting with Dr.Davis and Askia Davis was cool. I got to see some ball footage of him in high school. He was just dunking all on them. He can jump high like 3 feet off the ground and he's like 6"foot 3 at the age of 15. That's an amazing height at that age. I'm jealous.. I'm only 5" foot 5" inches.
They started talking about Askia when he was a little boy and how he would cut class and how his father made a scene in front of all his friends. Then they told us about how his friend Wuan told him about pornography and he went home to watch it and got caught by his mother. His mother had a master degree in computers so he was pretty much screwed. But overall I was glad to meet them i learned a few things from them and i appreciate it.
The meeting was good its was funny. The meeting was about getting to be a better person. The meeting show songs and other show videos. Both son and father had a good speech. And also it show stuff like what the son did for a living.

The father told about how he live as a kid. The father was talking about the son mistakes.And the son talk about what he did to fix himself. The speech was kinda of encouraging. Well it what i thought of the meeting. 


On Tuesday, I had a great time learning about the mans life. It explained a lot to me about a young mans life. You can get through anything if you believe in your self. Its hard for African-American to succeed in life. But if you have support like Askia's father, you can have a great life. Dr. Davis had support for his son. He made sure he choose the right choices. His son turned out to be successful, a graduate with a masters degree. If all African-Americans were together as one, instead of committing crimes and making us look like fools. We can actually be successful....

I think Dr.Davis and his son influcened me not to listen to any website to go to and do not get active in sports. Also stop listening to inappropiate songs like waka flaka flamealso the meeting was very fun and honestly the basetball was very interesting alsowhen we watched that hip hop from back in the day was fun also the meeting was about being a better person and you should not skip class if you past it for 12 grade


I had a great time at the assembly on Tuesday . It was a great thing to hear about the young mans life style. Also to read a book that could help young men get through life. After people told him he couldn't make it , he still made it . He is a high school graduate . He didn't care about what people thought about him which is what a lot of us young men need to do in order to succeed . A lot of people in our life time hate on what they don't understand . So don't be surprised if you have a various amount of people hating you . At the end of the day , your the only person who can really help yourself , no one else . Although he made wrongs decisions in life , which everyone does because no ones perfect, he still got on track and got where he is today. Luckily he had his dad to be there and aware him of his mistakes . Its a lot of young men who don't have that male figure to help them when their in the wrong . Be that person in life who succeeds in spite of your past . We not only as young men but as people need to stop looking back . The only way to accomplish your goal is to move forward ......


when i was watching I was thing about the stuff i will do next. The story the guy was telling me. made me kinda start doing good stuff. for example not running ind the hall way, being good in class,and started doing my homework.