Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Mayor's Visit

The Mayor's Visit was a good visit we talked about how it is important for you to get your education and become what you want without lacking. Also, he told us about how he used to play sports and he got older and realized that's not what he wanted to do so he went to Howard Law School and got and education to become the mayor and a law enforcer.
Mayor's Visit

Today at the mayors office we talked and talked and talked. Mr. Lester Taylor talked about his life. He told us some career choices to think about. Also he talked about his choices that got him to where he is in life.
Today in the male mentoring program we went to the mayors office in the city hall of east orange. Today i learned that i can do anything and that I don't have to be the smartest person to make in life.
I also learned that i should never let someone bring me down because you can do anything

Mayors Vist

rasheem bond 

today at the mayor office was very entertaining and informative . the  mayor is very funny hard working and educated. the mayor is working on making east orange very better . i feel enlighted about hearing things will be better in east orange .

Mayor Visit

       The mayor visit was fun we had donuts that were delicious and the stuff we were talking about

        was great. We talk about having a good education to get a job. We were talking about having

        a good mind of working hard so you can get the job you want.

A visit to the mayor

Today in the male mentoring program my peers and I took a visit to city hall were we talked to the mayor of east orange.Mayor Lester Taylor enriched the male mentoring network with information on the city of east orange and how we could benefit our self's and be an outstanding difference in the community, and make an example for the young men of EO.

Mayor Visit

           Today we went to city hall to meet Mayor Lester Taylor and it was a good learning experience. Also, he talk about how if you work hard on what you want to do you can achieve it. Mayor Taylor said don't let nobody tell you that you can't achieve what you want to do in your future. He gave us donuts and drinks. Today was a good for us hope in the future I would achieve my goal.
What i learned from the mayor is what it takes to be successful young man. i also learned that you will always have different career interests. You must always try your hardest to achieve things in life. I learned that education equals options. It was a great experience being at the mayors office. it will benefit me in the future.
Today, we talked to the mayor. He talked about some of his plans for the community. Also we talked about what we want to do when we get older. Mayor Taylor said that sometimes we don't do what we plan but I still plan to be a famous musician.

Mayor's Visit

Today I definitely had a fun time chatting with mayor. I was honored to give him a poster for the cths mentoring program. He was telling us that we can be whatever we wanna be if we put our mind to it and how he's doing the best of his ability to make East Orange a better city. He gave us a quick snack and shook all of our hand. I hope we visit him again.

Mayors Visit

Today we went to City Hall to visit the Mayor of East Orange, Mayor Lester Taylor. We talked about ourselves and how the life of value is. There is more that education can help us with, it can help us learn about what we want to be.

Mayors Visit

                                        Mayors Visit

Today Mayor Taylor told us allot of things. What i learned was that he is trying to help the community with there foreclosure and to clean up the community from waste and trash. I enjoyed his donuts and beverages and i learned allot.

Mayors visit

Today we met the mayor and he talked about his life in the office. He talked about how he is trying to make a difference in his community and will try to fix some of the abandoned houses. He is a inspiration because he went through a lot in his younger years made a lot of decisions that were good and bad 

mayor vist

Today we visited the mayor and he was really cool and had a lot to share with us the youth. Thanks to him I now know a new place to learn how to fly a plane at a cheap cost and close distance.The mayor of east orange is a excellent mayor who is down to earth.

Mayors visit

Today we went to visit the mayor at town hall we talked about what he does and how he handles what needs to be done.We mostly talked about what he does for the community like he helps places with chemicals,and high taxs done.

Visiting the Mayor

Today the CTS MMN met the great and honerable Mayor Taylor. He talked to us about what he did as a child and in college which was football, but then noticed that football wouldnt always be there and decided to get into politics and lawyership. He said that it is better to volenteer instead of get a job because then you would have a tittle that would represent you for a while. Mayor Taylor really did inspire me and i plan to visit him in the future again

Monday, July 28, 2014

9/11 Museum Visit

         On Thursday, July 24 2014 we went to New York City to the "9/11 Museum"and it was an good learning experience. Even though it was sad for most people because some of their family members died in the buildings. When I was there I saw some people crying touching their family member names and I saw one name that had a flower.
It's crazy that humans can do this and harm other people, even worse kill them. As we entered the museum we saw the bad memories of that day when thousands of people died. When we went on a floor that showed pictures of those whom were missing and died.  

911 museum

Today we talked how last Thursday we  went to 911 museum it was a honor to go such a place because my family talk about how me my twin are like the twin towers  one tries to be taller than the other like how the antenna is the short building its only tall because of its antenna.

9/11 Musemum Visit

On Thursday we the male mentoring program went to the 9/11 memorial museum for a nice class trip. The museum was amazing from the outside, pretty flowers, and two massive pools to remember the twin towers. While we were getting ready to go inside we were checked to make sure we wasn't going to do anything intently. As we were walking thought the halls the workers offered to shows a quickie movie clip or slide show to informs us more about the what happen 9/11. After that we walked around the museum and saw a lot of crazy artifacts to remember what happen. Then we went into a room that had a list of everyone that had died on the day of 9/11 so we pay our respects

9/11 museum visit

what i learned today was about 9/11 and the events that occur their the twin towers in new york were stroke. and one plain went in 470 miles per hours and around 3:00 pm the south tower went down. and then at 5:00pm the north tower went down nearly 3,000 people died during this event. people were stroke at this and their were sad moments over 10,000 volunteered to clean up the mess and to this very day some remains were not found and people are still like i cant believe what i witnessed some cant even go back to work or look out a window because of 9/11.


The 9/11 museum was sad, seeing over a thousand names of people who died in one day. i have learned that they tried to take out our political, militia, and economic power. For me 9/11 is still a good day because its my birthday #turnup. I feel that any person who kills their self to kill others don't value their life, and that's sad.


What i saw at the 9/11 memorial was moments from 9/11 that i never knew or saw. it was sad to see different events from 9/11 and to see all these people die in front of my face. i loved the presentations at the museum i find that it was excellent. the videos at the museum was great as well. it was very very detailed. i am very proud and very lucky to be at the museum. In conclusion it was a great experience at the museum and hopefully i go there again

9/11 Memorial

At the 9/11 museum, I had a feeling of depression  and sadness. I had this feeling because seeing the  burned and melted firetrucks, badges, peoples phones, and the firefighters helmets. They were severely burned and demolished due to the jet fuel. My thoughts about the 9/11 museum are it was very informative because it shows the different  things that went on throughout that day with the four different flights.

911 Memorial

A couple days ago the CTS MMN went to new york city to see the 911 Memorial Museum to learn more knowledge about the worst day in american history, September 11, 2001. I learned a lot of new things about who the terriost where, why they hated americans, and the amount of lifes that was lost on that day. It is a day that scared americans and had a horrible  effect on everyone.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014


Today Ms. JeT'aime  Green talked about her life as a child, being in a bad neighborhood, to becoming an entrepreneur. She is a real estate agent, and was featured on love and hip hop. Her speech was inspirational because, she followed her dream. I also think she can help me achieve my goal to become a famous musician because of her connections with people in the music business.


  Today Ms green has taught a lot about her and how she became a successful real estate and business woman. She also taught us how the way she made it can help us make it further in life. Although she was a woman she was able to help teach how to better our self's for the future because the way the world works these days its not easy to become successful.


It is very important to use your education. ms.green is a GORGEOUS acomplished young lady ,she tought me alot . i learned that it takes alot of education to prosper into success .


      Today our mentors got a person that do entrepreneurship and her name was Ms. Green and she talk about how she sell houses to celebrities. Also, Ms.Green said she makes shoes.  


Today we meet Ms.Green and she was talking about real estate and her life.

She was saying how it's hard to become one and also she had a bad childhood


I personally have almost no love in it but i always had an idea for long board delivering service. Now I know i can try to start it up and make a new way to deliver quick no traffic can stop them because of longboard can be street and sidewalk.


Today Ms.Green taught us about entrepreneurship  and how there many goals we can choose. She had an interesting job which is a realtor and a shoe seller.


today a very successful young lady named Ms. Greene who basically told us her life story about becoming successful and talking about not only being a entrepreneur but also having a shoe store and a real estate job and selling homes to famous people. Some of her houses have been featured in media such as love and hip hop and 106 & park.


What I Got From Ms.Greene's visit today is that she is a successful African-American Female who has her own shoe store and business. She also is a realtor who has sold houses to many celebrities.


today we meet je'famie green and she talked to us about how her life was in her early years and how it was rough and she didn't like it so she made a change and became entrepreneur and she is going big. she makes her own shoes for females and she is becoming very successful


Ms. Green talked to us about what she does and her company. She sells shoes in the mall and a lot of famous people shop and buy her shoes. She has people working for her starting at the age of 17 and older. She does entrepreneurship and real estate.


Today I Meet" Ms.Green" haha she was a nice women who made her plan come alive. Growing up was hard for her but she still got it done. Makes a youngin like me have faith.


What i learned from Ms.Green is that if you want to be something believe in yourself all you have to is strive and you will achieve.Also if you want something its not gonna come to you, you have to go and get it.
                              What the CTS male mentoring program has done for me

What the CTS male mentroing program has done for me is provide me with a variety of options of career choices, such as going to college and working before i go to the military. I have made the decision to do the army reserves before i join the military.  My goals in life is to join the navy and become a Navy Seal . The male mentoring program has helped me plan out my future before becoming a Navy Seal. Ive mostly learned i need to put the childish things away and start acting like a young MAN. (Erin L.)

To me the Male Mentoring program has gave me many outlooks on life choices. I really have a better understanding on what i could possible be. Many times i doubted that I could be Anything at all, being here changed that. Soon i can do right for me while also presenting myself more like a MAN. My past no longer holds control of the future. (Ryan C.)

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Domain Specific Vocabulary 

Today I found out my short term goal. My short term goal is to make money. I want to make money so I can get use to not asking my parents for money. Im going to get a job for every summer.

                          What i got from CTSMMN so far

What i got out of ctsmmn is that I enjoyed the fire department. I learned that if we apply for the squad you don't have to have a college degree. They only work for 2 days a week and still get payed allot of money. The equipment they use was extraordinary like the axe to break down doors and also the fire engine inspired me. But I don't really want it as my job, i just think its cool.

Domain Specific Vocabulary with Dashawn Taylor

Domain Specific Vocabulary.............

                  Today is the second day for W.I.N(writing is necessary) with Dashawn Taylor in the male mentoring program.For the past days we've been learning about domain words and how to properly use them in a pacific subject.For example, you would use domain words in a job interview to not sound like you just got off the street but like you are a smart individual who goal is to obtain the job.

Domain Specific Vocabulary

                                                 Domain Specific Vocabulary

        Today I learned allot with MR. Deshaun Taylor. He taught us about something called the red dot. If you look at it and pay attention to the dot the circle will disappear. This means you have to block out the distractions that is around you. You have to know what your goal is in life and how your going to spend it. He taught us about domain specific vocabulary which means to use intelligent words.

domain specific vocabulary

 basically i learned that using big words will help me in future with my jobs and in the way ow i speak to others will make me sound more sophisticated . big words will help me learn more and talk in a more positive way.

Domain Specifc Vocabulary with Deshawn Taylor

Today we talked about how we  use writing without writing like talking  or Texting is writing just not in the traditional way.We talked about how we need Domain Specific words to get jobs or write reports.We also talked about how talked what goals we want,why we want this, and who had this job before me that failed or had problems that I can do better in.

Domain Specific Vocabulary With Dashawn Taylor

Today Mr. Taylor talked about achieving our goals. He said the second mouse gets the cheese. This means that a person who is trying to reach success learns from others who tried, by not making the same mistakes as them. My goals are to graduate high school, go to college, travel, and become a great musician. The people I can learn from and use as inspirations are Ray Charles, and Stevie Wonder.

Monday, July 21, 2014

My Compass

                                            FIRE FIGHTER AND POLICE STATION TRIP

           When we went to the firehouse to talk about how if you are trying to do something with your life. You have to go to college and get your education. After, we left the firehouse and went to the police station to talk abut whats going on in our community.

                                                   W.I.N (WRITING IS NECESSARY)
              Dashawn Taylor talk about how building your vocabulary is important because say if your  in a meeting with people that are wearing suits. And your wearing polar shirt with jeans they think that your not education. Then, when you talk well education they would be surprise on how you carry yourself. 

My Compass

..............................My Compass

Today, for week 3 of the male mentoring network we have been visited from Deshawn Taylor from W.I.N( writing is necessary).Who taught us steps on expanding our vocabulary and writing to win.He showed us that almost everybody have a red dot.(our goal in life and what we are trying to succeed).

Last Thursday we walked to our local fire department and police station.But out of the two I enjoyed the fire department more because my peers and I were presented the opportunity to with a great schedule , a good check at the end of the year and an opportunity to go to college while working at the station.

My Compass

Today a man from W.I.N. named Mr. Taylor came in and talked to us about tier 1 tier 2 tier 3 words. Words like applesauce and mom and dad are tier 1 tier 2 words are like astronomical pre-occupied and pro-active. and tier 3 words are words like data based and complacent.

My Compass


                                                      FireFighter & Police Officer

At the Fire Department we were talking about good qualities that fire fighters have for examples, is

some fire fighters have only 2 days for 24 hours. At the Police Station we were talking about what to

do when they talk to you.

Dashawn Taylor was talking about how we need our education and also how we need to be good

when the cops approach.

my compass

today the fact that a man was killed by a cop just proves that there are still bad cops out there or bias cops that believe that men don't  change and will attack even faster with the slightest movement. this should make people realize that you shouldn't make the mistake and repeat your bad pass.

my compass

today a visitor came in who came in that own his own company named W.I.N which means writing is necessary. he came in and he made us look at this red dot surrounded  by a blue ring and while i starred at it the blue ring started to disappear and while i lost focused it came back. and that showed that sometimes you have to focus and not be distracted. last thrusday we went to the fire department and learned how is life in the fire department.


Today in the male mentoring program we talked about a incident that happen in long island, a young man was killed by a police officer because of a case of mess communication. The young man and the officer was going back and forth over something that was really not necessary to the point that it would lead to any physical violence. After that a special guess came in and we talked about our goals and tier 1-2-3 words and how that its important to know those kind of words, especially if your trying to apply for a career or job.

my compass

What i learned from Mr Taylor was the importance of writing and the the three tiers of vocabulary. he told us that vocabulary is important because it helps with expression and mental growth and college and career readiness. he also mentioned about the red dot and how staring at it will help you concentrate and the circle was like a distraction. E

My Compass

Today In the program we met back up with deshawn Taylor the founder of W.I.N company which stands for writing is necessary which is a successfull  business.When he was younger he hated writing till he had a reality check.

My Compass

   On day 8 of the male mentoring program, we went to the Police and Fire Department. In the fire department they talked about how they barely work throughout the week and how their job schedule is. At the police department they talked about the crime rates and how the training is to become a officer. Today on Day 9 a really intelligent man talked about what our goals are and our Tiers. There are 3 tiers that you have to go through to get to your goal. He told us to image a red dot with a blue line around it and stare at the red dot and watch the blue line go away. The red dot is your goal and the blue line is your distrations.

                             Fire Fighter and Police Station Trip

I learned allot from the fire fighters. They told me that we can apply for the job. I learned they only worked two day's a week and still get payed more money. What i learned from the police station is that they have improved the arrest rate's and brought down all the crime rate in east orange. I had an interest when they talked about how police uses different  of cars like undercover cars or regular ford cars.

My compass

   Today was a very interesting day because I never knew how successful I can become as a writer.
I also learned about  The three tier's and we also learned about a lot of very professional words that i never knew.

     Last I learned a very important term or saying and that is "The second mouse gets the cheese"

My Compass

Today we talked about how  we evolve our vocabulary to better level to approach people and how we need put our ego aside to talk to Officers.We also talked about how we should get ahead of what we want and do it before some body tells  you to.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

My Career Plan
Finish high school with great grades
Go to college to become a doctor
Do all the years of college, I have to do to become that doctor
Career Goals

*Go to Morrhouse College (graduate with masters)

*Do the army reserves & ROTC

*I can get mentorship from my cousin Terence

Today i learned about the different careers that i can do, if i don't want to go to the navy or change my mind i can do many more different careers like a colonary chef or a pilot


today in the male mentoring program a man came in and taught us to take steps to pursue our careers and try our hardest and do what we needed to do get to where we want and need to be.

My career Plan

My Goal

To become a video game designer that works with a phone or game system company.

What Training Do I Need?

The education in order to get this type of job is to get a bachelors degree or higher to work for high standard companies.

Where Can I Go To Get This Training?

I can get this training from being a internship.

Who Can I Seek Out To Help?

I can get help from people whom does the job daily.

Why Do I Want To Pursue This Career Goal?

I want to pursue this goal because I play games a lot and when there is a update and the update is messed up I see all the comments that the players tell the creators and I wont be able to do nothing but wait till they look at the comments and fix it.


my career plan

I want to be a pilot that flies a fighter jet. fbi or cia
what kind of education or training do i need to get this career.
 where can i go to obtain my skills.
who can i fine that has that career or job.
I want this career because I truly don't believe there is no better joy than moving fast and flying, and flying a fighter jet is the best way to do that with the adding bonus with shooting down enemies.

Day 2, Our Engineer, guest Mr. Kwesi Vincent introduced the students to a "COOL.....STEM....Website called:

My Career Plan

My Goal  is become game designer  the skills that I need to get this career is computer science degree and a computer engineering.I can go to Georgia tech.  
Who can I find that has this career or job that I want?
Why do I want to pursue this career goal? I see what they can do so I wanna try.

My career plan

What is my goal?
My goal is to be a professional basketball player in the NBA

who can i find that has that career that i want
People that has experience of playing professional basketball

Why do i  want to persue the career goal that i want??

Because i find basketball as my true passion. to me it is not just a game, its my life. its something that truly makes me happy. basketball will always be my first and only love.

My Career Path

My Career Path is to become a Police Officer.

I need to go to college and a police academy.

A police academy.

Talk to police officers and retire ones too.

I want to be a police because it's a job I always wanted as a kid and seems like something fun to do.
The job is dangerous but has good money something I want to do and is make the world a better place.

My Career Path

     MY GOAL
Is to become a male nurse or actor.

I have to go to college and getting my education.

 Go to a college that deal with medical and if I want to act, I would go a college dealing with acting.

 Find somebody that have the same career I want.

 I like to help people out that can't help there self.

Career path

                                    My Career path

What is your job?

Where can i go?

who can i see?

Why do i want to this job? 
career goal
undecided college
navy seal
what skills of education training
conditioning math and calculation
where can i go to obtain the skills of education
rotc or the army reserves
who can i get therse skills from
i can i get this from my father or uncle and other family and friends

why do i want this career i want wan this career because i wanna benefit the human society save lives ..

My Career Plan

*When I grow up the career plan I have is to either be a Navy S.E.A.L, or try to be in the NBA.

*The type of education,training, or skills I might need to do these jobs is teamwork, math, physical, mental, and focus.

*The places I can go to get better and get this training is college for the NBA because it sets the standard on how the NBA is going to be, and i can go to military school for the Navy S.E.A.L.

* Somebody that I can find is my uncle who is currently in the military, or I look at NBA players who talk on ESPN about what you can do to be in the NBA.

*I want to set out for these goals because i set a goal since i was younger to achieve these goals. For the military I set out for it because I wanted to be like the rest of my family who joined the military. I want to do the NBA because I believe i have the right mind set and the right goal set for it for me to go out and do it.
We had an "Enriching and Exciting, Informational" day 1 of a visit from "Mr. Kwesi Vincent", an Engineer who brought his vast knowledge and career experiences to our program.

Several of our students had some very interesting questions regarding the present and future STEM careers and what education will be required to excel in those fields.

Mr. Vincent's visit coincides with a book that I've been reading borrowed from my alma-mater, Rutgers, called: 
by Lisa Nocks. 

Also, thanks to Mr. O's reading list (Business Insider, magazine), I found an interesting story and video clips on "Jurassic Park"

also, check out:

Monday, July 14, 2014

Creative Sector -S.T.E.M

Today we talked about Science, Math and Technical Engineering.And how it would refer to anything we would do as a job in the future.Which made everyone stop and think about which job field they wanted to be in.I said I wanted to do anything having to do with making Electronics like Phones and Games.Because I want to innovate our electronic future.

Creative Sector -S.T.E.M

Today We Talked About Science, Technical Engineering, And Mathematics. Engineering Takes A Lot Of Math and Science. This Helped Me To Take Into Consideration Of What Job Fields I Might Want To Do That Pertain To Engineering. Mr. Kwesi Vincent's Told Me And My Peers The Different Types Of Engineering Jobs And Like What The Job Does Specifically. We Also Learned About Some Of The Companies That Use Technical Engineering To Make Certain Movies.

Creative Sector-STEM

Today we had special guest to speak to us from STEM name Kwesi Vincent an electronic engineer. He had explain how all the special effects and animation you see in the movies was developed and programed. We started to take a survey on what kind of things we would love to make, improve, or develop and how.

The Creavite Sector -Stem

What I learn is more about mechanical engineering. The guest speaker was Mr.Vincent.
We talk about science is everyday situation.We was also talking about how we need math
to help us with life problems. The last thing was we were talking about jobs
Today we talked about S.T.E.M (science,technology,engineering, and mathematics). STEM is also a school in East Orange NJ.

Creative Sector -STEM

Today was is my first day at the program but so far its good. Today a man by the of Mr. Kwesi Vincent, we talked how math and science is almost involved with everything we do in life, from making music, and making a movie, we need math and science. He also showed us some of thing they use at a set of a movie.

Creative Sector S.T.E.M

Today I learned that working on the set can get you a good amount of money.Even if you're not one of the actors on the set. Technical Engineering is also a good part of being on set because they use the tools you make and when people find out you made that tool,your business increases.In mr.Devaux's time speaking,we talked about what your parents do to bother you and why they do it. They are just preparing you for life and how people in life are going to view you.

 Shamon Al'akbar Aziz Ricketts

Creative sector stem

Today was a great day with mister Vincent, he taught me a lot about the engineering and technology business. For example: he taught us things like what is math and what is science (The two main sources in technology and engineering) he taught us about what an electrician does and also about stem related areas.

  With Mr. Vincent being here today he has shown me and inspired me to look further into the engineering company only because it will come in handy for my future.

   Last i learned hoe 3d animation works and some of the details of what it involves and from what Mr. Vincent has told me 3d animation sounds complicated BUT  that's where the money is for most kid movies theses days

Creative Sector -STEM

Today is my first day, enjoying it so far.I spoke with a man named Mr. Kwesi Vincent whom gave an impressive presentation on mechanics,engineering,technology and how it relates in science and math.

Creative Sector Stem

Today we learned about how we should do engineering and technology. Also we learned about science. With Mr.Vincent we talked about different careers. First we did a survey about what we could do and make it better. For example head phones we had to talk about how we can improve them. With Mr. Devaux we talked about adult hood and how we should respect our parents and others and not call them out they names.                                                               
creative sector

i learned today that math and science are apart of life everything u do involves math & science .i also learned that sight is a reflect and hearing is a echo or repeat . today i enjoyed myself and the program i look forward to tomorrow .

Creative Sector -STEM


    We had another mentor come in and his name was Kwesi Vincent, he talk about what he do as his career. Also, he was talking about mechanical engineering and told us to go on a website to take serve on idea we can make better. Like sneakers, head phones, or computers. 
Today a very intelligent man came in and talked to us about the abriviation named S.T.E.M.
S.T.E.M stands for Science, Technology, Enginering, and Math. Mr. Vincent talked to us about how every thing we do in life if STEM. When we talk thats science because of the way our throat vibrates and the vibrates go to our ear drums and lets us hear what they said. Technology is always around because technology is what ever you can use to help assist you or somebody else in life. Phones, Computers, Movies, Tablets, and etc are all different forms of Technology. Even a pencil is technology.
Enginering is one of the most important things in this world because it helps us with transportation and so many other things. Math is just all around us in Science, Technology, and Enginering because you have to know what to use and how to angle the right parts for stuff.

creative sector stem

today mr. kwesi vincent came in and talked to us about the movie industry and how it relates to math and science. he made us do this survey that made us brainstorm about we can improve or make better. what i picked was the computer. since everything is touch screen  i would like to make the desktops more touch screen. like the screen and the mouse.

Creative Sector Stem

Today was a good day we had Mr. Vincent came in talked about mechanical engineering and I learned some new stuff I didn't know.

The Creative sector


Creatives Sector S.T.E.M

                                         Creative Sector S.T.E.M
Today I learned allot. The thing I really like what Mr.kwasy said was when he talked about what type of thing's we can improve in the world. For example, I want to improve roller coaster so I can make them more faster thrilling and more safer for those people who are daredevils.

Creative Sector S.T.E.M

Today we talked about our guardians may treat us we also talked about what jobs we could get and we got information on it from our guest Kwasi Vincent.He talked about how in his job he needs math,science, and technology skills to pass as a engineer specialist and how his  company sells product to do movies.  
Today i learned about different types of jobs and that science was used in everything and that everything is connected to gettting ur education. And i also learned that be successful can be easy

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Choices You Make

Today Mr.Adissa and Mr.Williamson stopped in and talked about how you have many choices in life and you can do whatever you put your mind to. There are many jobs you can do and have if you make your options wide. Also Mr.Adams and Mr.Depps talked about having a bank account and how it can help you later in life with saving money. Mr.Goode talked about how you or others may go through tragedies and they don't tell anybody and they try to hide it.
Today Mr. Williamson talked about making good and bad decisions. There's a choice for everything. For example, letting your pride get the best of you or making the best decision. Mr. Williamson told a story about a father and the son and slaves owners were calling the father out of his name. So the father had a choice, either be a man and fight and die. Or be a father and walk away and take care of his son.
Today the mentors were talking about how you have a good amount of choices in life.All you gotta do is put your mind to it. There is a WHOLE LOT of jobs in the world and what ever you wanna do, it has to be wisely. Mr. F Goode talked about how people always going through some struggle in life and how they overcome it without asking/telling people to help.Honestly i enjoyed this lesson today because it helped me stopped being afraid of speaking up.
  What I learned today was very interesting because I learned that every one has a talent in some way and in some form. I also learned to do something you love and not to do something you dislike because if you do something you love then you will have a positive attitude and if you do a job you dislike then your attitude would be negative.

  Although we didn't read today I was taught a lot of different things for example: We talked about girlfriend's and the difference between marrying them and living with them and just going out with them. I also learned that liking a girl means you have to like them for the right reasons,You cant just like a girl because shes pretty or because she got all the goods, you have to actually tell use the personal things you like in that girl because if you cant then you technically don't love that girl.

Last we learned what are the different types of banking accounts some are SAVING ACCOUNTS, PERSONAL ACCOUNT, CHECKING ACCOUNT and many more.

The Choices You Make

                                                                      What I Heard 
What we were talking about was how to present yourself in a good way to people. We were also talking about how you don't talk about current situation cause it's embarrassing. The last thing we were talking about was how to save money in a bank so you can have a better future.

July 10, 2014: Choices, Bank accounts, ect

On July 10, 2014, the male mentoring program was talking about how we can make choices in everyday life. I learned that you shouldn't just find a job that you want, you should find a job that has two things, something that you love to do and a job that pays you a good amount of money. We also talked about bank accounts and why we should get them in a younger age. I thought that I should get a bank account when I get a job.

Choices You Make


   This morning we had some mentors to talk to us about how to present our self in when you are talking to somebody or when you try to get a job. Mr.Adissa was talking to us about being a leader than a follow. He say that everybody have a gift and use well.

A Gift

I learned that everybody has there own talent that and is born with and if u do not nurture it you will lose your skill and forget that you have such a good skill. That applied to me because my talent is that i can play piano and i have great battle strategy  for anything it just comes naturally but when i stopped playing games that needs that kind of talent and army programs almost lost a great gift. That why i believe what my mentors were saying when they say not to let your talent go.

personal bank account

Today talked about personal bank accounts and images like how see us  and how the choices we make affect me,myself and the people around like  I can either be a known man or some unknown person.What the Men in the male mentoring program aspired me to do what I want like become musician a world known. All I would really need is experience and money to save when I retire.  

Choices You Make

  What I learned? I learned about personal bank accounts and  savings accounts. Well today we had a few teachers come and talk to us about life. Mr.Williamson talked about us making decisions he talked about how we gonna have more manhood instead of childhood. He also said that we should think before we do stuff. Also we had a conversation about how we should start a account now to start saving up money for adult hood and probably even college.


Today we talked about how you should make right choices in the dicision you choose to make through out your entire life time. One thing we talked about in the right choices you make is like when you have a Personal Bank Account. It's important to make the right choices when you put a lot of money in your account or onto a debit card because as your young your going to want to purchase some new Lebrons, or some Hollister Clothes and your going to want to buy all that good stuff, but your going to have to know how to control and save up for the future. We also talked about how when you make the right choices it shows how you show; present your self to others. For example, like when your looking for a job you have a choice to either dress the RIGHT way or the WRONG if you really want that job. 

personal bank account

today we talked about saving money and having a bank account. and how to save and be responsible with the money you have. i have a bank account and I'm just trying to save some money for something i want. today we also talked about making decisions and that the decisions  you make can determine your future. your actions have a consequence and it could either be good or bad its all up to you.

Choice's you make

                                                      Choice's You Make

When I get out of High school  I'm gonna go to Princton College or Montclair  University. I'm gonna go there for 4-5 year's or so. After that I'm going to join the army and get promoted to officer because of my degree's. After I retire, I'll start writing movie's and plays till I'm old. 

Personal Bank Acounts

Today we talked about personal bank accounts and why we as young men should save money so when we  get older we can live off of our savings when we retire.

Blueprint for Succes Day 4

Today Mr. Williamson talked about making good and bad decisions. He said that everything is a choice. For example if someone ask if you want to fight, its your choice to say yes or no. The choices you make can effect your future. The choices you make as a boy can direct your path into manhood.  Also he stated that everyone is born with a gift, some people may have different gifts, but everyone has a gift, and its your choice to use that gift, and to help your future or to just forget about it.

choice you make

today's lesson was based on choices and how you make them like how Lebron James plays basketball that is a choice to play that sport he doesn't have to play he has his own sneaker brand just as he have a choice to play ball i have a choice to do what i please i can play sports be a doctor or what ever its my choice.

Choices You Make


 This morning we had talks form Mr. Adissa, Mr. Williamson, Mr. Good, Mr. Adams which was very inspiring.In most of the talks they said that we have a choice.That its never out of our power to not have a choice.

Personal Bank Accounts

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Blueprint For Success Day 3

What I Read?  

           Today, we talked about the Paradigm and how it is
a set of linguistic items that form mutually exclusive choices in particular syntactic roles. Another topic we talked about what you need to go where you want to go later in life and also about the New Slaves.

What I Did?
         I shared what I think I need to improve on to go where I wanna go later in life.

What I Learned?
         There are many steps to being what you wanna be later in life.  
What We Discussed
Today we discussed how this economy is the new slaves. It may be in a different way but it doesn't matter. We are slaves to the system. For example, air Jordan sneakers, we buy them over and over again. So technically they are taking charge and taking our money.

Blueprints to Success

What I learned today was that 60% of black people are in prison and that 20% are not in the prison system. I also learned that i have a lot to learn before i go to the navy, I need to pick the college im going to, and i need to decide if im doing for the money or just to serve my country. I would like to make alot of money so i can take care of my family such as my Mother, siblings, nephews, and aunts and uncles. i think it would be best if i join the a reserves before i join the Navy.

What i learned from Mr.Adams and the rest of the speakers  such as Mr.Hunter, Mr.Depps, and Mrs.Tazwell, was that going to college is the best choice for EVERYONE!! , and managing ur money is also important

In my spare time i usually skate