Sunday, March 10, 2013

Motivation By Koran Baker

What i am going to do is get my mind straight and get my education. i intend to why because i want to have a wonderful life. I don,t want to grow up  disrespectful and no manners. If i don,t want to end up on the corner with the wrong crowd.I got to worry about me not about others. I am a young black independent man and i am going to show the world who and what i am. Their are about 68 percent of black males in prison why because they had no education and made bad decisions. But we can make a change in that just keep education basketball, football wont help you without that education. Boys tell stories about the man. We started from the bottom now were here and we are not going back to the bottom with the hood rats and drug dealers. So do what you do because if you don,t you could end up in prison . Like robert Jackson said NFL means '' not for long ''. Make that choice to get an education or prison you chose.

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