Saturday, May 4, 2013

Importance of the Cicely L. Tyson mentoring program

From my prospective being Shemar Hines, I believe my report card may have been slightly acceptable. Though I have a feeling I could done better, I feel I've tried hard but I could have tried harder. I say this because my mother,brother,uncle,and aunties have taught me to push and challenge myself so i could have opportunity to make it life just ones who have one. So honestly i think my report card will be OK.

 Today May 4, 2013 at Cicely L. Tyson school a Tae Quan Doe teacher named Dr.Kwak visited our school to show us unique and rarely seen fighting skill. I arrived at the school so i didn't really see much of what he showed the rest of boys in the program but I know it was definitely interesting.

Now referring to a hockey game the boys mentoring program went to it was exciting because we were on television watch professional hockey players go at it. But what this program showed me is that simply being apart of school activity can friends and as we say "Homies" who make you feel comfortable 

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