Thursday, June 6, 2013


I had a great time at the assembly on Tuesday . It was a great thing to hear about the young mans life style. Also to read a book that could help young men get through life. After people told him he couldn't make it , he still made it . He is a high school graduate . He didn't care about what people thought about him which is what a lot of us young men need to do in order to succeed . A lot of people in our life time hate on what they don't understand . So don't be surprised if you have a various amount of people hating you . At the end of the day , your the only person who can really help yourself , no one else . Although he made wrongs decisions in life , which everyone does because no ones perfect, he still got on track and got where he is today. Luckily he had his dad to be there and aware him of his mistakes . Its a lot of young men who don't have that male figure to help them when their in the wrong . Be that person in life who succeeds in spite of your past . We not only as young men but as people need to stop looking back . The only way to accomplish your goal is to move forward ......

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