Tuesday, March 4, 2014


It has made me surprised that so many students in CTS are in the MMN. Also the teachers that participate in the program such as MR.DEAVOUX who started the program, Mr.Oyeani, Mr.Simkons and all others. It has surprised me because i went on a fild trip with them and it was a minimum of 35 students that attended. Also there were like 15 students that could not make it because of the weather. Our first field trip was to meet three doctors and watch them play in a basketball game. The next event that we had  a mini assenbly witch was about one of the doctors and other important people. At the end we got books of that doctor witch i read and it was about his young life and how he grew up from a street gangster to a doctor who cures rare sicknesses. I hope we have a longer way to go with these field trips.

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