Monday, July 14, 2014

Today a very intelligent man came in and talked to us about the abriviation named S.T.E.M.
S.T.E.M stands for Science, Technology, Enginering, and Math. Mr. Vincent talked to us about how every thing we do in life if STEM. When we talk thats science because of the way our throat vibrates and the vibrates go to our ear drums and lets us hear what they said. Technology is always around because technology is what ever you can use to help assist you or somebody else in life. Phones, Computers, Movies, Tablets, and etc are all different forms of Technology. Even a pencil is technology.
Enginering is one of the most important things in this world because it helps us with transportation and so many other things. Math is just all around us in Science, Technology, and Enginering because you have to know what to use and how to angle the right parts for stuff.

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