Wednesday, July 23, 2014

                              What the CTS male mentoring program has done for me

What the CTS male mentroing program has done for me is provide me with a variety of options of career choices, such as going to college and working before i go to the military. I have made the decision to do the army reserves before i join the military.  My goals in life is to join the navy and become a Navy Seal . The male mentoring program has helped me plan out my future before becoming a Navy Seal. Ive mostly learned i need to put the childish things away and start acting like a young MAN. (Erin L.)

To me the Male Mentoring program has gave me many outlooks on life choices. I really have a better understanding on what i could possible be. Many times i doubted that I could be Anything at all, being here changed that. Soon i can do right for me while also presenting myself more like a MAN. My past no longer holds control of the future. (Ryan C.)

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