Thursday, July 10, 2014

  What I learned today was very interesting because I learned that every one has a talent in some way and in some form. I also learned to do something you love and not to do something you dislike because if you do something you love then you will have a positive attitude and if you do a job you dislike then your attitude would be negative.

  Although we didn't read today I was taught a lot of different things for example: We talked about girlfriend's and the difference between marrying them and living with them and just going out with them. I also learned that liking a girl means you have to like them for the right reasons,You cant just like a girl because shes pretty or because she got all the goods, you have to actually tell use the personal things you like in that girl because if you cant then you technically don't love that girl.

Last we learned what are the different types of banking accounts some are SAVING ACCOUNTS, PERSONAL ACCOUNT, CHECKING ACCOUNT and many more.

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