Tuesday, July 15, 2014

My Career Plan

*When I grow up the career plan I have is to either be a Navy S.E.A.L, or try to be in the NBA.

*The type of education,training, or skills I might need to do these jobs is teamwork, math, physical, mental, and focus.

*The places I can go to get better and get this training is college for the NBA because it sets the standard on how the NBA is going to be, and i can go to military school for the Navy S.E.A.L.

* Somebody that I can find is my uncle who is currently in the military, or I look at NBA players who talk on ESPN about what you can do to be in the NBA.

*I want to set out for these goals because i set a goal since i was younger to achieve these goals. For the military I set out for it because I wanted to be like the rest of my family who joined the military. I want to do the NBA because I believe i have the right mind set and the right goal set for it for me to go out and do it.

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