Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Blue Print

Today in the male mentoring program we learned about debit cards. credit cards and interest rates and how the system is built to keep you in debt. The system needs you in debt because it can't function properly without you or anyone else failing. If you have to pay a debt and you don't pay the way that your supposed to then the interest rate goes up. That adds on to the money that you owe sometimes for credit cards you pay just to owe a company even more money which is why it is technically better to own a debit card because its your own money. My father always tells me that 2 things that you can count on in this world are taxes and death. One thing I can do to start getting better and put myself on the path that can lead me to becoming the man that I want to be is compiling a portfolio of the art that I can show to colleges so They can see that I'm using my talents to the fullest so I can go there.

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