Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Blueprint for success day3

 WHAT I LEARNED today is that black people are still slaves in a way. For example: in the jail system this is  known as the new slave system because people in jail are used for cheep labor and more than 50% of the people in jail are BLACK. I also learned that most male don't know about there financials. So i learned how to use credit in the right way and what it can do to you and why its better to use debit in stead of credit and how when you work your not really paid the full amount of what your suppose to get.

 WHAT I READ TODAY  Was about this guy who was locked up and how he got to jail and what he did after jail. This showed that even if you go to jail as a black man you can still do something with your life.

 WHAT I DID TODAY was discuss with the males in the program about what i need to do to get to where i want to do in the future. Another thing i did today was learn about how  in so many ways the system or government are pretty much making us slaves. For Example: credit cards can make us go bankrupt and make us struggle causing us to get about 2/3 jobs just to pay the bank back,and this goes on for about 15 threw 20 years or maybe the rest of your life if your really struggling.

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