Wednesday, July 9, 2014

BluePrint for Success

Today I talked about my "paradigm" and did a Who I Am. In my Who I am I wrote down about my personal life style and different types of things I like. What i did today is wrote down about something i could do to make my life better, and what i said was that i could stop doing what I'm not suppose to be doing. I learned today that you should spend your money in the write ways because if you don't you'll end up broke and poor. I also learned that there are more Prisons than College's and that those prisons are more filled with black people when it shouldn't. White people, do the same amount of crimes of us Black People, but don't end up getting caught because they are the ones that have the suits and jobs which doesn't make them seem like a suspect when there walking around the streets to get home or anything else.

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