Monday, July 7, 2014

My Life

Who am I ? 
          My name is Joshua Ancion I'm a well skill student in the school of East Orange New Jersey. I go to Cicely L. Tyson school, at this school we do different thing here like we have performing art. For example, some students dance, sing, act, art or some do everything. I'm a person that work hard and I going to do my best at everything. I never give up at anything even if somebody tell try to bring me down I know that I have people that care for and support me in my life.

Whats My Identity ? 
          My identity is very important if you talk to people I know they would tell you that I respect everybody treat how Iwhat to be treat. I know that if somebody needs my help I would be there for them hoping they would do the same if it was me.

Where am I going ?

          After, I'm done with high school I'm going to college for when I'm done with college I won't have problem getting a job. And for I can support my family If they need me cause they are my everything.

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